Introduction Company Profile

Zhejiang Fangquan automotive fasteners CO.,LTD, founded in 1979, has its own brand "YLB rivet nut". In 2009, Fangquan Industrial Park was established in Shendang Town, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees, specializing in the production of rivet nut series products, as a large-scale rivet nut production base in the Asia-Pacific region.

The company has strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, and has more than 20 patents for rivet nuts. It has in-depth strategic research and development cooperation with Wuhan University of Technology School of Automobile. Now it has won the series of honors such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang Manufacturing Word Mark Enterprise", "Rivet Nut Municipal R&D Center", "Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing Digital Factory", etc.

history History

  • 1979
  • 1992
  • 2003
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021

culture Company Culture

  • Brand mission

    Protect every connection with stable quality!

    We manufacture high-end rivet nuts with respect for life, guarantee connection safety with high standard and stable quality; guard everyone with the responsibility of stability and safety; we will always guard every connection with stable quality; live up to this life, live up to this ambition!

  • Brand vision

    Let the quality of YLB rivet nuts lead China, and let the quality of Chinese rivet nuts lead the world!

    Always lead the team with high standards and unified values, provide customers with the best products and services, always aim at leading the quality of Rivet nuts in the world, and become synonymous with the quality of Rivet nuts in the world! To YLB itself: to become a high-level representative in the minds of consumers of high-standard rivet nut leading brands; to industry influence: to lead the improvement of the quality of the rivet nut industry to become an industry leader in the minds of consumers; to Chinese companies: to establish excellent brands for Chinese companies Model has become a noun of world quality in the minds of consumers.

  • Brand values

    Win in stability, promise will be fulfilled!

    Be bold and careful, strive for refinement, bold innovation, rigorous production, and build a high-standard and stable YLB quality chain; honesty and trustworthiness, sales must seek excellence, only sell the best, never fake, to ensure that customers' income is all YLB boutique; Respect for life, use it for safety, protect the big with the small, stick to the responsibility, and strictly use the YLB quality to protect the safety of consumption.

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