The use of riveting nuts on railway locomotives
It is suitable for railway vehicles in our country. Fang Quan Automobile standard parts was first used in the aircraft industry, after the railway vehicle, railway track turnout, guardrail, splice joint assembly, insulating joint, and bridges, heavy-duty vehicles, mechanical equipment, shipbuilding, construction has been widely used. In China, rivet nuts were first applied to type K160 connections a few years ago. K160 gondola car for the new railway in China is currently the largest load, the weight of the passenger vehicle. In the actual production can be used for vehicle following connection between general and general, gondola boxcar side beam and side column before and after the connection from the plate seat and the beam, side beam, and a footstool in the upper center plate and beam plate; bogie column wear plates before and after installation; from plate seat installation: rope bolt, armrest, fastener installation; impact seat and end beam connection etc.. It can be foreseen that rivet nut, as a new and advanced connection structure, is bound to be widely used in railway vehicles in china.

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